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Property Valuations for Sellers and Landlords

Property Valuations for Sellers and Landlords.

Let us explain what you need to know with regard to fees and commissions before listing your property with us for sale or rental. Our real estate professionals assess, publish and market your property. We endeavour to find the perfect Buyer or Tenant, negotiate in the best interests of you, our client, allowing you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands. And, yes, we receive a percentage of the property rental or purchase price in payment for our services, but you pay us only if we are the agency that sells the property. We can arrange a valuation carried out by a qualified Property Valuer for urban, rural, commercial, single and multiple occupancy properties.

How are house prices determined?

To measure pure price change, real estate prices must be adjusted for quality change. In other words, to compile constant quality Residential Property Prices Indices (RPPI), there is a need to understand the price determining characteristics of the properties. The most important characteristics are:

  • the area of the structure (in squared feet or in meters squared);
  • the area of the land that the structure sits on (in squared feet or meters squared);
  • the location of the property;
  • the age of the structure;
  • the type of structure; the structure can sit entirely in the lot without sharing any walls with an adjacent structure (detached dwelling unit) or share one wall with a neighbouring unit (semi-detached dwelling unit), or the dwelling unit can be a single apartment or unit in a multifamily residence (apartment or condominium building);
  • the materials used in the construction of the house (primarily wood, brick, concrete or traditional materials; i.e., a shack or shanty), and
  • other price determining characteristics such as the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, a garage, a swimming pool, air conditioning, distance to amenities, etc.
  • compliance with planning laws. (Not all rural properties have registered title deeds but the properties have been bought and sold regardless.)

At present in villages inland, properties are selling for less than their real price. For example, we have just sold a property in Dec 2017 in Jimena de la Frontera and the selling price of 70,000€ was less that the price recognised as Real Value and as a result, the amount of tax owing is 8% on 70,000€. But expectations are the government will affix a ‘valor real’ of 110,000€. In this example, the new owners paid tax on the title deed price of 70,000€ but understand a price correction from the Inland Revenue may result in a further amount owed of 8% on the price as adjudged by the Junta de Andalucia. (Even so, it remains a fantastic bargain.)

Free Valuation or pay on sale with ‘Smells and Bells’

We can provide a global figure FREE without a report or a conditionally free, fully detailed report which includes a verification exercise. Initial cost of 200 € plus IVA fully deducted from the commission on sale of the property if the sale is made by ourselves. The report is carried out by a qualified PERITO JUDICIAL EXPERTO EN VALORACIÓN DE BIENES INMUEBLES Y PATRIMONIOS (legal expert and valuer) (cert perito judicial)

Commissions on Sale or Rental

Exclusive listing and sale 4%

Non exclusive listing and sale 5%

Property Rental – 1 month’s rent.

The tax man demands VAT for these services at 21% . . . it’s not us doing it, it’s the government and we hand it on to them [icon name=”frown-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

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