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Buy Property Bargains Now because Prices are Rising Again.

We are in a new phase of the property market now. We have turned the corner and can embrace a more transparent environment. There are still bargains out there for the Buyer, but Sellers are now starting to price their homes and investment portfolios at prices that are fairer returns for themselves. And why not? After all they rode out the worst part and no longer face an almost obligatory haircut if they wish to sell.  It depends on what their motivation is, those who wish to downsize can realise some equity. On the other side of the equation, Buyers with growing families can invest once more in medium to long term gains and opt for more ambitious properties than during the recession. It pays to take a deep look at what is out there. In Spain, if you sell and buy at prices of ‘La Crisis’ (recession) you stand to gain in the long term. It’s an open market across most of Europe at present. For those of you who make a tidy lump sum, you may well be tempted to choose the Buy to Let market than the vagaries of a savings account. Property Bargains are ideal opportunities for those getting their feet on the property ladder for the first time. Or venturing out again now the time is right.

Here are a couple of Distressed Sales – Bank Repossessions recently sold.

Great Prices – Bargains for All

Property BargainsTorreguadiaro Frontline  Property Bargains

Check out the video here:  1 bed 1 bath Torreguadiaro only 68,100 €

Property Bargains 3 bed distressed sale San Roque Club

Check out the video here, 3 bed 3 bath San Roque Club only 285,500 €

Because they were owned by a bank you could get very favourable borrowing terms. Up to 100% of the property purchase price over a 30 year term for residents. (You make a 10% down-payment on the total amount borrowed but lend more than the purchase price.) This can mean 290 € pcm fixed term for the Torreguadiaro apartment and 1,180 pcm fixed term for the 3 bed with huge garden and private pool in San Roque Club. (Actually the San Roque Club property was purchased by a cash buyer).

Non resident mortgages are also available.

These were just a couple of our property bargains, contact us now to learn more.

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