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Cow and Calf Seek Shade on Bolonia Beach Costa de la Luz Andalusia

Cow and Calf Seek Shade in Bolonia

Cow and Calf Seek Shade on Bolonia Beach

This cow took her calf to cool down by the water’s edge in Bolonia and came across a deserted parasol. She hunkered down offering shade to her baby calf , meanwhile surprised onlookers crowded around to take photos. The cow began to feel uneasy with all of the attention and by the time the owner of the parasol came back, about five minutes later or so, the cow and calf had been frightened off. The parasol owner had to catch up on the whole experience via video streams and photos. This was an unforgettable experience for all who witnessed it, adding a touch of the surreal to a hazy, hot day.

Bolonia, on the Costa de la Luz, is about 15 minutes from Tarifa where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean. This particular beach is popular with day trippers because of its natural beauty and its oneness with nature. Every once in a while it attracts the local bovines, too. But not usually as boldly as this occurrence on 1st July 2017. It’s not unheard of to see cows on the beach and social media are awash with such images. In general, though, cows roam around the country lanes, and don’t usually venture onto the beach when a lot of humans are there.  This video link was recorded by Pedro Fernandez and syndicated to ABC Andalucía.

Andalusia is a wonderful autonomous region of Spain and it is always popular with holiday makers and locals alike. Unsurprisingly, it draws people from all over Spain and beyond. This breed of cow, pictured here, Retinta, is very common. These dark brown cows can be seen wide and far in the fields and hillsides, from sleepy rural inland villages to remote beach side resorts.

Bolonia is a must see destination with the most complete Roman town ruins yet uncovered in Spain just a short distance away. Do yourself a favour and put it on your ‘to do’ list. The place can be seen in a day if you are on holiday and there is some wonderful accommodation available in many distinct places: Algeciras, Tarifa, Alcaidesa and Sotogrande as well as rural villages like Jimena de la Frontera, San Pablo de Buceite and Gaucin. Bolonia itself has guest houses and hotels which fill up fast in Summer, but with a little planning all is possible. Although you’ll need to be lucky to see a cow and calf seek shade like this.

Baelo Claudia Roman Ruins
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