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Property Valuations

Let us explain what you need to know with regard to fees and commissions before listing your property with us for sale or rental. Our real estate professionals assess, publish and market your property. We endeavour to find the perfect Buyer or Tenant, negotiate in the best interests of you, our client, allowing you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands. And, yes, we receive a percentage of the property rental or purchase price in payment for our services, but only if we are the agency that completes on the transaction.

If you wish to list your property with us we can arrange a valuation carried out by a qualified Property Valuer for urban, rural, commercial, single and multiple occupancy properties.

Valuation Fees

We can provide a global figure FREE without a report or a detailed report which includes a verification exercise for 200 € plus IVA. This charge is deducted from the commission on sale of the property if the sale is made by ourselves.

Commissions on Sale or Rental

Exclusive listing and sale  4%

Non exclusive listing and sale  5%

Property Rental – 1 month’s rent.